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Golden Bridge B.D. Founded by Shachar Goldshmit in Larnaca, Cyprus. Golden Bridge B.D. has grown into a diversified multi-country fuel and steel broker company offering a variety of products, services, and resources to its growing customer base.


Currently headquartered in Larnaca. Golden Bridge B.D. has become a customer-oriented supplier for all of a company’s fuel and steel needs by delivering products annually to customers across the world.




Fuel Products

Fuel is a crucial component of many businesses, and finding the best prices and ensuring that you always have the fuel you need can be a challenge. That's where Golden Bridge b.d. come in.  Golden Bridge b.d. are intermediaries between fuel suppliers and consumers.  Golden Bridge b.d. have a team of experienced brokers who are dedicated to providing you with the best services possible. Whether you're a small business or a large corporation,  Golden Bridge b.d. has got you covered. We specialize in helping businesses find the best fuel prices.


Industrial Steel Products

Are you looking for high-quality steel products for your business? Look no further.

 Golden Bridge b.d. Is a broker of a wide range of steel products, including sheets, plates, bars, and tubing. The products are made from the highest quality materials and are designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Whether you're in the construction industry, manufacturing, or any other industry that requires steel products, Golden Bridge b.d. has got you covered. We pride ourselves on offering competitive pricing, fast delivery, and exceptional customer service. So, if you're looking for a reliable source of steel products, Golden Bridge b.d. will get it for you! 

'' We are excited about the future and helping the world move forward.''


Our vision is to improve peoples lives. We are excited about the future and helping the world move forward.

Work for the greater good.

We embrace our values as a common bond. Living our values earns us the confidence of our business partners and co-workers.

Create an environment of trust.

We depend on each other to do our jobs. Trusting each other makes us more productive and agile.



Let's Talk

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Head Office

Archiepiskopou Makariou ΙΙΙ, 98
PHILIS COURT, 2nd floor, Flat/Office 21
6017, Larnaca, Cyprus

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